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Dec 20, 2017

Meet Kirsten Pabst: Your Missoula County Attorney


Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst recently announced her re-election bid. After proudly serving this region, she will be striving to join the Missoula community for a second term. In Montana, county attorneys serve for four years, and if elected in 2018, Pabst will continue her commitment to this county’s safety and well being.

About Kirsten Pabst: The Attorney Missoula County Trusts

Pabst graduated from the University of Montana School of Law, where she laid the foundation for her dedication to being tough and smart on crime. Following her graduation, she went on to work as a prosecutor for 17 years. As a prosecutor, she focused on major and complex crimes. This experience led her to then manage a private law practice for three years.

At her law practice, Pabst serves several law enforcement agencies and county departments while maintaining an active caseload. She also speaks regularly about:

  • Domestic violence
  • Child abuse
  • Sex crimes
  • Trial advocacy


Her role as an industry educator in Montana has led her to speak at the National College of District Attorneys, the University of Montana School of Law, the Montana Law Enforcement Academy, the Montana County Attorneys Association, Women in Law Enforcement chapters, and other groups.

Her work as a county prosecutor and her Special Victims’ Unit has earned Pabst recognition by the Attorney General. She has won awards for her trauma program, criminal mediation program, and Special Victims’ Unit. She has also been named Criminal Justice Professional of the Year and received two national awards for her work in trauma and secondary trauma.

Kristen Pabst is committed to keeping Missoula County safe for all residents and families. She knows that this county should be a secure place to live, work, and grow, so she does all that she can to prosecute criminals. Those who have committed violent, sexual, property, financial, and drug crimes should be prosecuted accordingly and kept off of our streets. Pabst is dedicated to the criminal justice system and strives to handle every case with these values in mind.

With a love for Montana’s beautiful landscape and culture, Pabst is committed to preserving this community the best she can. She would be honored to serve Missoula County for another term and looks forward to another exciting campaign cycle.